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Surf Taxi Sioux Falls is leading the way for taxi cab companies to become a part of the technical market by connecting taxis near me to the driver through our mobile app. Our app works much like Uber or Lyft, but is geared to local taxi cab companies. We also have a local taxi business in Sioux Falls, SD. Like yellow cab. Surf taxi is one of the leading Cab companies sioux falls sd. You can also purchase alcohol in our cabs through a carriers license that we have through the State of South Dakota.

Surf Taxi app is Sioux Falls South Dakota's first taxi app for your mobile device. Our app works much like Uber and Lyft, except we are a local company that helps other safe friendly cab companies acquire your business more efficiently. There are many advantages to using a ride sharing company like Uber and there are a lot of advantages to using a traditional taxi cab, but there are also many disadvantages to both. Surf Taxi is here to bridge that gap between the two and generate the best product for the customer. Once you download our app off the google play store, you will click the register now button, accurately fill out your information and log into the app. The app will take you to a map that shows you green and red taxis all around you. Red means that the taxi is occupied and green means that they are open for business. Simply click on the green cab closest to you or click the microphone at the bottom and say find closest taxi in Sioux Falls and it will automatically select one for you. Click the use my gps location or type the address that the taxi should be sent. The line after that you will need to put where you would like to go after the cab has picked you up and that's it. Our app has been referred to as simple and smooth. You do not need to enter in personal card information and if you want to pay the drive with cash, you can. There is also a track feature on your app so there does not need to be a guessing game of wondering where the taxi is and if it is coming. We are looking for more drivers to be a part of this brand new taxi app that is going to be in the area. It's a simple app that's more like a dispatch service than an Uber style service. We are not looking to take away business from you, but simply another means of gaining more customers for you. With the surf taxi app we link perspective customers to local taxi drivers that are available. The app is super simple to use for a customer and shows them all available cabs in the area. This app aids in making sure the taxi driver does not lose customers in route as it's very simple for a driver to confirm to the customer that the driver is on the way and the user gets an immediate response knowing the taxi is on the way. The customer benefits by seeing the closest available taxi to them and can easily see when the taxi is heading to them with a very minimal delay on the app. The uses of apps are growing at an astounding rate and are not going away anytime soon, this service through surf taxi is a simple way of getting your name out there using our marketing efforts rather than just your own. You no longer will have to market yourself as that is our job at surf taxi. We just allow you to take advantage of our client list as the app gains more and more users in time. There is no commitment for the sioux falls taxi driver nor mandatory availability. The best part of using the app as a driver is that you can still login on your time and not be over committed and use the app as needed. No longer will a person call around and ask for how long a taxi will take to get to them as the simplicity of the app allows them to see each taxi drivers location and availability immediately so your Cab sioux falls south dakota can be assured of a higher percentage of customer pickups and no longer receive phone calls from people too far away to use your taxi cab services. The app is currently available and active in the android market place with plans to be launched on the apple marketplace weeks. Simply go to the surf taxi app on the android marketplace and test it out yourself to get Cab service near me.

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