Calibrate Pulsar 2030r for a mile

This gives the demonstration on how to calibrate taxi meter Pulsar 2030r for one mile. You have to hit 2, 2, 4 to make the zero’s come up. Then you drive the vehicle 1 mile. Press 1 to freeze and get the number that you need. The number should be between 2000 to over 8000. Chances are if your meter does not climb this fast you might have a loose/faulty connection from where the meter is or off of where the meter is getting the pulses. This video was created at sioux falls taxi of surf taxi sioux falls.


My Entrepreneur Journey (Part 1)

riley jensen taxi cabs
              Riley Jensen taxi cabs

My Entrepreneur Journey

My roller coaster of problems

(Part 1)

My intentions here are to tell the journey of how I became an entrepreneur.  I hope it will help you through your journey as a business owner, whether you are just starting out or in a phase of uncertainty. I want others to be able to learn from my mistakes and experiences.

I have always known that I wanted to do something different from what others were doing. I wanted my career to provide a stable income I’ve never wanted to have to struggle to pay bills, especially when I start a family. The only way I knew to earn a living was to go to college and land a solid job.  As an entrepreneur, at first you’ll work hard for little-to-no money until your business starts to grow. The goal is to eventually grow your business to a point where the income generates itself, freeing your time up to just maintain and manage the business.

I was always good at managing my money throughout college, even if I didn’t have a whole lot. After college, I moved Sioux Falls.. Day after day I bragged (or joked) about how Wells Fargo was offering me a loan with my credit score. I didn’t think I needed it, as I wasn’t sure what I’d use it for.. A while later, a teammate contacted me, saying he was interested in starting a taxi company but that he didn’t have the money to get started. He offered me a partnership in the company in exchange for capital. I had no idea what to do when it came to starting or running a business. . I’d graduated college with a degree in computer technology. My potential business partner informed me that he had a friend with a successful business, which afforded him some knowledge on how to run a business. After much deliberation, I decided I was willing to try out this business idea. We shook hands on it and Surf Taxi was born.

One lesson we learned right away was how the government processes information. Once everything was submitted everything for the first step, you have to wait for processing before moving on rather than sending everything in and just automatically being ready when they gave the green light. First, we had to obtain an EIN number. This is the equivalent of a social security number for a business. It doesn’t cost anything to get an EIN If I remember correctly, we paid for insurance and waited two weeks for an LLC license after activating the insurance. We also learned that taxi insurance is not cheap. At the time, we were paying $385 per month for one vehicle.

Eventually, my business partner and I hired a mutual friend to work as a part time driver for us. Another mistake we made was not announce our business opening at least a month in advance. This gets people excited about the business and informs them what your business is all about while generating prospective clients. We sent out a driver on a weekend night and were worried we were not going to get any fares. However, during busy bar hours, all he had to do was sit in front of the bar and collect fares that way. He even did all right for the first time going out. We were ecstatic to finally be making some money and seeing some return on our investment.

We were in a struggle as what to do after starting up this business. My business partner’s theory was to learn from the best people in the industry. He started listing to audio books. He then had me listen to those audio books. The first audio book I ever listened to was Sell or Be Sold by Grant Cordone. It gave me an edge because I knew information that others didn’t. I could understand and react in a more efficient manner because I could sell ideas. It was really all psychological, but it gave us some know-how and confidence to be successful. As the book references, you can’t figure every little detail out right away you just have to go for it and figure it out along the way. Author Cordone also teaches the importance or positivity and attitude. If you’re persistent in these ways, you will be on your way to being a great entrepreneur. All great entrepreneurs can agree on certain things.  Another thing I took away was that you don’t fail when you fail at a task or when something doesn’t go through for you. You fail when you quit.

The next great book we read was The 4-Hour Work Week. Essentially it taught us how to remove anything unnecessary and focus only on the things we needed to do, with “eliminate, automate, and designate” as the mantra. We learned to remove unnecessary or invaluable processes. We began finding ways to complete tasks by an automated process. We’ve worked on delegating the things we don’t enjoy doing or are not good to others to get done. As an example, we had just the one phone number listed for Surf Taxi, which meant only one person was in control of all phone calls, making it very inefficient and hindering us from expanding to allow for more drivers. We then found out about Google Voice and ported the business line to it for a mere ten dollars.  We had the drivers download an app called Sideline, which provides two phone lines (numbers) to one phone. This allowed multiple drivers use one phone number to list for our business, and it will ring all their numbers at once. Additionally, any driver at any time can turn one of the numbers off so they won’t get phone calls – with just a swipe of a button.

The next big thing we needed to do was increase our advertisement and get in front of people. We were tired of only getting fares from only busy bar hours. We decided to try out Yellow Pages. For $215 a month, we were supposed to be the top ranking for the word “Taxis.” We signed a year contract. We did see some increase in business, but ultimately it wasn’t enough to justify the cost. We’d also noticed that we weren’t always at the top of the listings under “taxis.” From that day forward, we were definitely more hesitant to get in long-term binding contracts. I also later found out that
“taxis” isn’t a very high of a volume word to be using

Sometimes I almost think people fear getting in front of someone and sell their idea. Being an entrepreneur is like a roller coaster: some days you don’t think you can make it and you are going to fail. The next day, everything changes and you think you will be making a crazy amount of money. Problems come at you and you just get better at dealing with them. You get upset at times, yes, but as you become more experienced, you are able to get over the issues faster, which will ultimately save you money, as well. I know owning a business has changed me – and for the better. I have more of a story to tell, but that will come at a future time. I hope what I’ve shared so far has helped you or inspired you in some way.

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Why Uber isn’t allowed in Sioux Falls

uber sioux falls

Why isn’t Uber in Sioux Falls?

The reason Uber is not in Sioux Falls is that the company does not want to collect and report sales tax. This keeps money from the city, instead pumping it back into a huge billion-dollar corporation. Sales tax should go to city to help offset costs like road maintenance. While taxpayers are footing the bill for road construction, Uber is skipping out on their contribution. Until Uber and ride-sharing apps start paying their sales tax contributions, they aren’t compliant with city policies and therefore aren’t allowed in Sioux Falls.

Is Uber cheaper?

Uber charges can add up quickly because of additional costs you may not be aware of. If you order a cab and change your mind, for example, a $5 cancellation fee is applied. Uber was having problems with keeping up with the demand of there customers; so there solution for that was to include a thing called surge fee. If you call Uber at high volume times, you could potentially be charged 4 to 8 times extra for your cab fare. This means getting an Uber after a concert at the Denny Sanford Premier Center will cost you more or you’ll have to wait until the surge price goes down later in the night. That itself could ruin your night. Taxis in Sioux falls are not allowed by city law to go over $3.15 a mile – with a $2.50 flag drop (First mile charge).

Is Uber Safer?

Sioux Falls taxi companys; each driver has to go through a back round check through the city department to make sure the person’s criminal background checks out. Along with this, the insurance company has to check the drivers driving past for to many speeding tickets or has not been any accidents. With these processes, it ensures the driver is reliable before they even start. Now with Uber this is completely different. All you have to do is sign up and have a car that is newer then 10 years old. They send out a team and inspect the car slap a sticker on your car and you are good to go. Which means they don’t check there employees as intensively. The only system they have is if the person gets to many low ratings on the stars; then the person will lose access to the app. However, that doesn’t say anything for the first people that have to ride with the driver to give those bad ratings.

Taxi Insurance

The insurance for a taxi company can be expensive, but with that you get up to half million dollar coverage if you were to get into an accident. That includes medical expenses. Now if you get in an accident with an Uber driver the coverage is the same as if you are riding with your friend. That means you have no coverage if you get into an accident. It is required for the Sioux Falls Taxi to have this insurance. There is no way for the taxi cab to operate legally with out this insurance, so you can rest assure all taxi cabs have this.


Information from downloading uber driver app and applying for driver position.

Insurance information came from owning taxi company and talking with insurance company.

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Calling a Cab Saves Lives, Reputations, and Money

Calling a Cab Saves Lives, Reputations, and Money

Calling a Cab Saves Lives, Reputations, and Money

There are various reasons you could need a cab ride. Maybe you have a flight and you don’t want to leave your vehicle in long-term parking at the airport, or your vehicle is at the garage getting repaired. For people who need a sober driver, calling a cab is the best idea for so many reasons. Never chance driving home after drinking – always take the safe route and get a ride.


Keeping yourself and others out of danger should be your first priority. Putting yourself behind the wheel after a night of drinking is always a huge risk. Getting a sober ride is the right thing to do – every single time. Nobody with a sound moral compass would want to have to live with the consequences of the innumerable things that could happen otherwise.


Don’t forget about your reputation. If you do get pulled over while driving drunk, it’s going to affect a lot of things your reputation hinges on. If your license gets revoked, you will need to get a ride to work – and everywhere else you go – on a daily basis. You will likely become a burden to your friends and loved ones if you’re relying on them to get you where you need to be. And it could affect your job if you need to make court appearances or take classes.  


Have you ever sat back and thought about all the expenses that add up where DUI arrests are concerned? You might not have considered all the factors that add up to a tall bill. The website surveyed first-offense DUI arrestees and got these response averages on the costs associated with getting a first DUI, in an article updated by John McClurley. (And the expenses only increase if it isn’t your first DUI arrest.)

     $6,500 was the average overall cost reported, but don’t forget to take missed opportunities into consideration – to the tune of $4,400 in lost wages.

     $1,900: Attorney and public defender fees and expenses

     $1,100: Court fees and fines

     $800 per year: Car insurance increases

     $360: Traffic school and substance abuse education courses

    $260: Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) fees

    $170: Ignition interlock devices (IIDs) (for states that order first offenders to install them into vehicles)

    $170: Towing and storage

    $150: Bail



Next time you’ve been out drinking, remember these reasons to make the responsible choice of getting a safe ride home. When you’re in need of a Sioux Falls cab, Surf Taxi is always here for you! Call our Sioux Falls taxi friendly drivers for a road beer and a safe ride home!

Source:; updated by JohnMcCurley;

Surf Taxi vs Other Cabs

Why Surf Taxi Sioux Falls is better than other cab services?

Why is Sioux Falls better than other cab services?

Online Cab services are being demanded and used highly in all parts of the world. They are a favored approach of transportation and services. Sioux Falls; an Online Cab Service originating in U.S, South Dakota is a new mode of transportation for the civilians of America. They have been conducting their operations for two years. Moving forward to the advantages of Sioux Falls and as to why Sioux Falls should be preferred and why not the other Cab services?

Online Services: The core feature plus advantage of Sioux Falls is its Online Service. That is you can order a cab online. You wouldn’t have to go around the streets to search for one cab to stop for you with another passenger taking over the same cab you were about to stop.

Time-Saving: We all know what time value and punctuality means to us since life is too short and there is already much more that has to be done within this short journey. This Cab service would help you save time since the cab reaches you within fifteen to twenty minutes after your call, at your pick up location and not a second is wasted in searching for it.

Security: Security Productivity and safety are all the main and basic need of a man. A man cannot live in peace if he is not feeling secure. The other essential feature of Sioux Falls is it’s security that it provides to its passengers. The drivers are registered with the Sioux Falls Company with all their details fully mentioned to the customers as well as their employers.They go to the police station for clearance to drive the taxi. All basic details about the driver and about the car that you will be traveling in (registration number, Car Model etc.) are provided to you. They also have GPS Systems installed in their devices that make sure they are going towards the right location and also gives a sense of security.

Reasonable Charges: Looking at the quality of the service of Sioux Falls. It’s safety level, it’s internal atmosphere (air conditioned and pleasant driver), the charges are very reasonable when compared with the other modes of transportation or Cab Services.

We know the region better: With our drivers having their experiences driving people around for at least 2 years and with our GPS Systems working perfectly, we know the region much better than any other drivers.

For further information, kindly visit our website.

Surf Taxie

Surf Taxi Introduction

Surf taxi is the new leading automobile service provider originating in Sioux Falls that brings to you the most convenient rides all around the city. Well not just around the city, but out of town as well. To book or appoint a Surf taxi, all you have to do is make just one call any time of the day since they are open 24/7 and Surf taxi will just be there.
Get started:
Getting started towards the usage of surf taxi since we all are too sick and exhausted with calling out for cabs while waiting for just one cab to pop up and the next thing you know, the cab stops right in front of someone else, leading to another addition to your bad day.
Download and install the application from your android play store. Make sure that your GPS location is on so they are able to track you down once you request them to come towards your pick up location.
Sign up after opening the app and fill your details. Once you are done, you will see a green line indicating the taxis available for providing services all around Sioux Falls. Enter your pick-up and destination location and they will be just on their way and reach to you in no time.
Kindly contact 605-681- 4143 for further details. Also, check the website in the following link for further info.
Since safety is one of the most important concern, the Surf taxi ensures that its customers are fully satisfied since they surveil their cars 24/7 with the drivers’ identities registered with the company as well as all the cars. The Customers are also fully provided with all the information regarding their car ride.

New-Taxi Service

How to Use Our New Taxi Service in Sioux Falls

Tired of calling cabs and tracking down taxis? We certainly were, which is what led us to the development of our new Surf Taxi app, the newest on-demand mobile taxi service in Sioux Falls, SD and the surrounding area. The app is currently only available to to Android device users, but don’t worry, the iPhone version is on its way!

Get Started with the Surf Taxi App

Download and install the app. Be sure to enable your location settings. *How else can we find you :-)*

Tap ‘Sign Up’ on the welcome screen.
Surf Taxi App Login


Enter your contact information.

Sign Uo
How to Sign Up in Surf Taxi
The map will display all the taxis in your area. Available taxis show as green.

Surf Taxi Location Tracking
Taxi Near Me in Souix Fall South Dakota
Tap on the one closest taxi to your current location for cab company and driver details.

Select ‘use my current location’ or type the street address where you want to be picked up.

Enter in your destination location.

You will receive a confirmation notification from your driver.

After receiving confirmation you will see a track feature in the customer log and you will be able to track the driver as he makes his/her way to your location. When the driver gets within 100 yards of your location a notification will appear on your phone telling you the driver has arrived. When you arrive at your destination you will be asked to rate your driver.

All payment will be done through the taxi driver.

What Else You Need to Know

Your ride log icon displays your activity (circled in yellow in the photo below). Any any all notifications will be logged here. Tap this icon if your driver if you do not receive a confirmation or they are unable to pick you up and to cancel your ride. Please note, you are only able to request one ride at a time.

more about surf taxi
Surf taxi more things