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Calling a Cab Saves Lives, Reputations, and Money

Calling a Cab Saves Lives, Reputations, and Money

There are various reasons you could need a cab ride. Maybe you have a flight and you don’t want to leave your vehicle in long-term parking at the airport, or your vehicle is at the garage getting repaired. For people who need a sober driver, calling a cab is the best idea for so many reasons. Never chance driving home after drinking – always take the safe route and get a ride.


Keeping yourself and others out of danger should be your first priority. Putting yourself behind the wheel after a night of drinking is always a huge risk. Getting a sober ride is the right thing to do – every single time. Nobody with a sound moral compass would want to have to live with the consequences of the innumerable things that could happen otherwise.


Don’t forget about your reputation. If you do get pulled over while driving drunk, it’s going to affect a lot of things your reputation hinges on. If your license gets revoked, you will need to get a ride to work – and everywhere else you go – on a daily basis. You will likely become a burden to your friends and loved ones if you’re relying on them to get you where you need to be. And it could affect your job if you need to make court appearances or take classes.  


Have you ever sat back and thought about all the expenses that add up where DUI arrests are concerned? You might not have considered all the factors that add up to a tall bill. The website dui.drivinglaws.org surveyed first-offense DUI arrestees and got these response averages on the costs associated with getting a first DUI, in an article updated by John McClurley. (And the expenses only increase if it isn’t your first DUI arrest.)

     $6,500 was the average overall cost reported, but don’t forget to take missed opportunities into consideration – to the tune of $4,400 in lost wages.

     $1,900: Attorney and public defender fees and expenses

     $1,100: Court fees and fines

     $800 per year: Car insurance increases

     $360: Traffic school and substance abuse education courses

    $260: Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) fees

    $170: Ignition interlock devices (IIDs) (for states that order first offenders to install them into vehicles)

    $170: Towing and storage

    $150: Bail



Next time you’ve been out drinking, remember these reasons to make the responsible choice of getting a safe ride home. When you’re in need of a Sioux Falls cab, Surf Taxi is always here for you! Call our Sioux Falls taxi friendly drivers for a road beer and a safe ride home!

Source: drivinglaws.org; updated by JohnMcCurley; http://dui.drivinglaws.org/resources/how-much-does-a-first-offense-dui-cost.htm#

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