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Tired of calling cabs and tracking down taxis? We certainly were, which is what led us to the development of our new Surf Taxi app, the newest on-demand mobile taxi service in Sioux Falls, SD and the surrounding area. The app is currently only available to to Android device users, but don’t worry, the iPhone version is on its way!

Get Started with the Surf Taxi App

Download and install the app. Be sure to enable your location settings. *How else can we find you :-)*

Tap ‘Sign Up’ on the welcome screen.
Surf Taxi App Login


Enter your contact information.

Sign Uo
How to Sign Up in Surf Taxi
The map will display all the taxis in your area. Available taxis show as green.

Surf Taxi Location Tracking
Taxi Near Me in Souix Fall South Dakota
Tap on the one closest taxi to your current location for cab company and driver details.

Select ‘use my current location’ or type the street address where you want to be picked up.

Enter in your destination location.

You will receive a confirmation notification from your driver.

After receiving confirmation you will see a track feature in the customer log and you will be able to track the driver as he makes his/her way to your location. When the driver gets within 100 yards of your location a notification will appear on your phone telling you the driver has arrived. When you arrive at your destination you will be asked to rate your driver.

All payment will be done through the taxi driver.

What Else You Need to Know

Your ride log icon displays your activity (circled in yellow in the photo below). Any any all notifications will be logged here. Tap this icon if your driver if you do not receive a confirmation or they are unable to pick you up and to cancel your ride. Please note, you are only able to request one ride at a time.

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